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Tyree Edwards sees power in using his music and his civil engineering skills to make an impact on people’s lives.

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Mudd will represent Georgia Tech at the board’s annual Academic Recognition Day for the state’s top college students.

Frances Rivera-Hernández, Karl Lang, and Rafael Bras are leading an effort to gather data about landslides caused by hurricanes hitting the island. Joined by students, the researchers share an ultimate goal of creating a national geohazards center.

Researchers are working to make data for research on tissue engineering and organ manufacturing more inclusive and representative.

AE Ph.D. student Naia Butler-Craig among leadership in the group.

The ISyE student has cofounded a student chapter of Lifting Our Voices to connect with her city and make a tangible impact.

Inclusivity and understanding past policies and their effects on underserved and marginalized communities must be part of urban planning, design, and public policy efforts for cities.

Experts from the College of Engineering give their predictions and expectations for 2023

Meet some of the new engineers finishing their degrees this fall.