Graduate Retaining Inspirational Scholars in Technology and Engineering (GRAD-RISE) scholarship program. The scholarship was created as a means to recruit and retain both minorities and nontraditional technology and engineering students. RISE scholars are students who display persistence within their engineering or technology program, leadership and service.

Scholarship Criteria

Must be either an under-represented minority OR a nontraditional student in any STEM major pursuing a master's or doctoral degree who is in good academic standing.

Underrepresented minority includes- African American, - Hispanic/Latino, - Native American

GRAD-RISE students will be required to participate in the "GRAD REACH program" that includes monthly professional development workshops and peer mentoring meetings as identified by the Program Director. Failure to do so will result in your scholarship monies being terminated.

Please read the entire application and make sure that you double checked it and that you meet all of the above requirements before submission.

Building on campus

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Jacquelyn Strickland ( or Dr. Felicia Benton-Johnson (