GEM Fellowship

CEED is proud to partner with national organizations, like the GEM National Consortium, who seek to increase the number of diverse students in graduate school in STEM fields.

The GEM program provides funding for graduate education through corporate sponsorships and a partnership with university partners. Students who are selected into the GEM Fellowship program are required to complete a corporate internship during the summers and attend graduate school during the fall and spring semesters. In exchange, students are provided funding for graduate school through an agreement with their home institutions.



Please visit the National GEM Consortium website for more information and to apply.


The early decision deadline for the GEM application is October 1st and the final deadline is November 15th.

Stipend distributions

For stipend disbursement dates, please visit the Georgia Tech Bursar's website.

For additional questions, please contact the GT GEM Representative, Dr. Jacquelyn Strickland ( or (