K-12 Student Resources

Learning about engineering and the necessary steps to take to be adequately prepared for college can be an overwhelming experience. In an effort to support students, teachers, and parents in understanding more about engineering and the college preparation process, we have provided a variety of resources to explore to make this experience much easier for you. 

Student Resources

Need more help selecting a major that best suits you? Want to know if you should major in engineering? Want to know what engineering is in general?These resources will help guide you through the necessary steps to answer these questions and help to make preparing for college easier. 

Teacher Resources

Providing an engaging K-12 curriculum is essential to fostering interest in the STEM fields at an early age. There are a variety of resources available online resources that provide lesson plans that can be applied in the classroom to make your students’ first exposure to STEM an exciting one! 

College Preparation Resources 

Below are links providing additional information about some of the important things to consider throughout middle and high school to better prepare you for college. Some information includes what classes to take, when to take the SAT/ACT, the importance of extracurricular activities, etc.  

Summer Engineering Opportunities

Interested in getting more hands on experience in engineering, science, and math before college? Visit the following links to learn about the variety of summer engineering opportunities available around the country for students.

On Campus Group Visits

CEED offers group visits for students in K-12 through our COE Champions, student organization. Middle and high school students can spend time on campus listening to student panels, participating in a design challenge, and/or going on a campus tour. 

Additional Resources

Want more information on how to get better prepared for college? Want to learn more about summer opportunities available? Interested in learning about what activities you should participate in, or what classes are necessary for you to take? Visit these resources to learn more about all of the opportunities available for you.