Student Testimonials

"In addition to mentoring, the center is also involved in community outreach and recruitment and gives minority students the tools and resources that they need to be successful in a challenging academic institution. It also offers financial support through scholarships. I am a LSAMP scholar and a Caterpillar Scholar recipient through the College of Engineering. The financial support has been extremely helpful. It's scary when you find out that you cannot go back to school because your family can no longer assist you. With CEED's help, I successfully completed my junior year of college WITH a GPA boost."

Shavonne Henry
Mechanical Engineering student

"The CEED office supported me throughout my years at Tech by giving me academic support as well as giving me the opportunity to have a great mentor who was there to help me all the time. No one cared about my success like CEED!"

Andrea Gutierrez
Aerospace Engineering student

"Along with scholarships, research opportunities, and mentor and advising the CEED staff has has treated me like family. They have provided with me insights on resources to help make my journey through school and my transition into industry as smooth as possible."

Vernon Gentry
Civil Engineering student

"CEED has been an instrumental part of my life, years before my undergrad even began. Through the experiences, knowledge, and network that I gained through this program, opportunities opened themselves up to me. With assistance from CEED, I was awarded scholarship money that made it possible for me to afford attending Georgia Tech. My time at Tech, thus far, has only been enhanced by my experiences with CEED. The women in the office genuinely care about every student that walks through our doors, where ever that may be. Anywhere the CEED Team is located is home for me." 

Alexis Coates
Mechanical Engineering student