UCEM Ph.D. Fellowship

The Georgia Tech UCEM (University Center of Exemplary Mentoring) Ph.D. Fellowship program has the goal of increasing the number of outstanding engineering, science, and computing Ph.D. students from under-served populations. The program seeks to support students from backgrounds that include African American/Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander. The Georgia Tech UCEM Ph.D. Fellowship provides three years of support for students who have recently completed the Ph.D. Qualifying/Preliminary exam.

The program is sponsored by the Georgia Tech Office of the President; it was previously sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Georgia Tech Ph.D. student in the College of Engineering, College of Computing, or College of Sciences
  • Passed Ph.D. Qualifying/Prelim exam in Summer 2020 semester or more recently (exam must be passed prior to submittal of this application.)
  • US Citizen

Georgia Tech UCEM PhD Fellows receive

  • Stipend supplement of $10k per year for three years which is added to GRA, GTA or other fellowship funding the student is currently receiving. Note: You should check the rules of other fellowships you may be receiving to verify that they allow you to receive additional stipend funding. Total award value is $30k.
  • Participation in academic and career enrichment and mentoring activities conducted by the Georgia Tech University Center of Exemplary Mentoring (UCEM).


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