GT Engineering Design Challenge

During the academic year, the Center for Engineering Education and Diversity in the College of Engineering hosts the GT Engineering Design Challenge which is designed to give middle and high school students the opportunity to use mathematics, science, technology, and engineering skills they have learned to solve real-world engineering problems. Students work in teams where they learn to use skills similar to those used by engineering team members, including:

  • Creative thinking
  • Cooperative teamwork
  • Higher order thinking skills
  • Application of knowledge
  • Effective communication

The goal is to expose students to engineering hands-on experiences, promote a deeper understanding of the different engineering disciplines, and alleviate the “undecided engineering” from the students’ mind and help them make sound decisions about majoring in engineering.

Please contact the Program Manager (                           to be added to the K-12 outreach list.

Upcoming Events:

The next GTEDC will occur February 2020.