Will I be guaranteed admission, if I meet all of the REPP/Dual Degree admissions requirements?
It gives you high consideration for admissions.

Who is the point of contact at the REPP or Dual Degree institution?
Each partner institution has a coordinator who is familiar with the partnership and will be able to advise you accordingly. You may locate the proper coordinator via the "Coordinator List".

Where it says "you must meet Georgia Tech GPA requirements" is that purely your cumulative GPA from the two years at the school before transferring?
No, when your GPA is calculated all undergraduate courses taken are included. Georgia Tech does not have a forgiveness policy which means the original and repeated course and grade will be calculated into your GPA.

What is the major difference between REPP and Dual Degree?
The major difference is with the dual degree program you will enroll in more course hours per semester at your home institution since you are obtaining 2 degrees (one from the home school and an engineering from GT).

  • Dual Degree
    • Earn 2 undergraduate degrees (home institution and engineering degree from Georgia Tech)
    • A.S./B.S. or B.S./B.S.
    • Schools outside the University System of Georgia are partner institutions
  • Regents Engineering Partnership Program
    • Earn 1 B.S. degree (engineering from Georgia Tech)
    • Only University System of Georgia schools are partner institutions

What happens after I am accepted?
Congratulations! We look forward to having you at Tech. Please follow all instructions found online in BuzzPort, including payment of your non-refundable admission deposit, signing up for FASET orientation, and submitting required medical forms and departmental transfer course evaluations as needed. You must send your final official transcript, with no "in progress" or pre-registered courses for a future term listed, to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. If you do not do this in a timely manner, transfer credits and registration for future terms may be affected.

May I change my application term or defer an offer of admission to a later semester?
No, applications and offers of admission are specific to the term for which the application was submitted. To instead be considered for admission in a future term it will be necessary to submit a new application for that term. Please review the application timeline by term.

If I am a high school student and I want to participate in REPP do I apply to Georgia Tech or the partner institution as a freshman?
You would apply to the partner institution as a freshman. Once you have completed all the necessary requirements to transfer as a dual degree or REPP student you will apply to Georgia Tech as a transfer student.

I have not completed all of the required courses. Can I just take them when I get to Georgia Tech?
No, all required courses must be completed at another college BEFORE a decision will be made on your application. Please refer to the Dual Degree/REPP chart.

How long does it take to complete the engineering degree once I transfer to Georgia Tech?
It can take you anywhere from 2-3 years depending on the number of credit hours you take per semester. The average time spent at Georgia Tech is 5 semesters.

How can I check the status of my application?
Applications will remain pending until official documentation of the completion of all requirements is received. To verify whether your specific documents have been received, you may use the check application link via BuzzPort.

Does Georgia Tech accept credits from online courses?
For online courses in general, each instructing department at GT has made the decision on what to accept and not accept.  For the hybrid courses, most are treated like online. Below are the subjects that are not accepted if taken online, and for the most part, if taken as a hybrid course.

Any lab science (commonly Biology, Chemistry, Physics, EAS, etc.)
International Affairs
Courses that will transfer as HIST 2111 and HIST 2112
*Math courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis if the exams are proctored.

However, there are some exceptions; check the Transfer Equivalencies table for specific schools and courses.

Does Georgia Tech accept applications for each semester?
Yes, we accept applications for fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please refer to the Application Timetable on the Transfer Admission website to be sure to get your application and documents submitted on time.

Do I have to attend a REPP or Dual Degree institution to transfer to Georgia Tech as a REPP or Dual Degree student?
Yes. If your institution is not a partner you will need to transfer as a “Regular Transfer”.

Can I change my major after I am accepted or enrolled at Georgia Tech?
As a transfer student, you will be reviewed for admission based upon your chosen major and your prerequisite coursework, academic performance, and the overall and major specific applicant pool. Therefore, you may not request a major change once an admission decision has been made for that application term. Major changes after you enroll at Tech for at least one semester will be reviewed by your academic department and are not guaranteed. Colleges and schools that are overcrowded normally prohibit transfer students from changing into these majors once enrolled at Georgia Tech.

Are late applications accepted?
Due to the large volume of applications received for each term, only applications received on time and with all requirements met by the will be reviewed for admission consideration.